Submersible Agitators – TMR3D

Submersible Agitators – TMR3D are agitators with three blades for medium and thick manure fluids in fermentation, slurry and wastewater tanks.

The three blades optimise agitation and homogenization processes for thick fluids e.g., when mixing in storage tanks with liquid slurry, slurry channels or during homogenization of biomass and wastewater.

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  • Three phase motor 400 V, 50 Hz, 1,450 rounds per minute, electric motor with oil filling.
  • Highly wear-resistant slide ring sealing as standard.
  • Submersion depth max. 10 m. (other depths on request).
  • Secures optimal homogenization.


ModelkWRounds/hourCirculation volume
TMR3D 0404.01450/273 at 50 Hz2374 m³
TMR3D 0555.51450/273 at 50 Hz3046 m³
TMR3D 0757.51450/273 at 50 Hz3798 m³
TMR3D 11011.01450/273 at 50 Hz5364 m³
TMR3D 17017.01450/273 at 50 Hz6638 m³
TMR3D 22022.01450/273 at 50 Hz7622 m³

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