Bicycle and Tool Sheds

The Bicycle and Tool Sheds from Tunetanken provides great storage and are ideal to use for tools, bicycles, etc. By storing your tools and bicycles in a shed they are protected against wind and weather, but also better protected against rust.

Bicycle and Tool Sheds are manufactured in a composite material, which provides great strength, durability, and a long life-cycle.

Tunetanken Bicycle and Tool Sheds can be delivered with or without integrated gutter and rainwater collection tank.

Bicycle and Tool Sheds can be customised to meet your requirements.

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  • Manufactured in composite.
  • Great to use for storage of tools or bicycles and protects it against rust.
  • Great strength and durability.
  • Long life-cycle.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Can be delivered with integrated gutter.
  • Can be delivered with rainwater collection.


TypesL x W x H
Bicycle and tool shed2400 x 2400 x 3200 mm
Rainwater tank 5000 litres2500 x 2500 x 850 mm

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