Bicycle Stands Sussi

Bicycle Stands Sussi are produced in hot-dip galvanised steel.

Tunetanken Bicycle Stands Sussi can be delivered for either suspension or for column 600 mm. above terrain.

Bicycle Stands Sussi are suitable for race bike tyres, mountain bike tyres and bicycle tyres.

Bicycle Stands can also be delivered with a 45° angle.

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Simple stand370 x 500 mmFor suspensionGalvanised steel
Simple stand395 x 500 mmAt columnGalvanised steel
5 spaces500 x 2500 mmFor suspensionGalvanised steel
5 spaces 45°500 x 2500 mmFor suspensionGalvanised steel
5 spaces500 x 2500 mmAt columnGalvanised steel
7 spacesSemi circularWith supportersGalvanised steel
8 spacesCircularWith supportersGalvanised steel

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