Clean Water Pumps – Flygt

Tunetanken Clean Water Pumps – Flygt are designed for water supply in households and for irrigation.

Clean Water Pumps can also be used for pumping natural water and groundwater from wells as well as drinking water for cattle.

Clean Water Pumps are available with or without level switch for stop/start.

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TypesCapacityHead max.VoltageOutletWeightLevel float
HX 3-570 l/sec.47 m400 V1¼ (32 mm)13,5 kgNo
HX 3-770 l/sec.62 m400 V1¼ (32 mm)15 kgNo
HX 3-970 l/sec.72 m400 V1¼ (32 mm)16 kgNo
HX 3-1170 l/sec.84 m400 V1¼ (32 mm)18 kgNo
HX 5-7120 l/sec.49 m400 V1¼ (32 mm)14,5 kgNo
HX 5-9120 l/sec.62 m400 V1¼ (32 mm)15,5 kgNo
HX 5-11120 l/sec.75 m400 V1¼ (32 mm)17,5 kgNo
HXM 3-570 l/sec.47 m230 V1¼ (32 mm)13,5 kgYes
HXM 3-770 l/sec.62 m230 V1¼ (32 mm)15 kgYes
HXM 3-970 l/sec.72 m230 V1¼ (32 mm)16 kgYes
HXM 3-1170 l/sec.84 m230 V1¼ (32 mm)18 kgYes
HXM 5-770 l/sec.49 m230 V1¼ (32 mm)14,5 kgYes
HXM 5-970 l/sec.62 m230 V1¼ (32 mm)15,5 kgYes
HXM 5-1170 l/sec.75 m230 V1¼ (32 mm)17,5 kgYes

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