Crew trailers

Crew trailers to use on construction sites and similar sites.

The Crew trailer is manufactured in fiber-reinforced composite material and is delivered as standard with 100 mm insulation, power connection, electrical outlet, lighting, 1 pc. window that can be opened, cupboard space etc.

The Crew trailers can be delivered with company name, logo and colours as desired for a distinctive and sensational advertising signal to the surroundings.

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  • Standard with 100 mm. insulation.
  • Power outlets.
  • Power connection.
  • Lightning.
  • A window that can be opened.
  • Closet space.
  • Manufactured in fibre-reinforced composite.
  • Great strength and durability.
  • Minimal maintenance and easy cleaning.
  • Low weight, which makes it easy to move.
  • Good density properties/weakening properties.
  • Long life span.
  • Can be delivered with company name, logo and in colours as desired.


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