Electric reducers tee

For electric welding of PE pipes.

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DiameterDegreesStrength class
25x20x25 mm90°PN16
32x20x32 mm90°PN16
40x20x40 mm90°PN16
40x32x40 mm90°PN16
50x20x50 mm90°PN16
50x32x50 mm90°PN16
50x40x50 mm90°PN16
63x20x52 mm90°PN16
63x32x63 mm90°PN16
63x40x63 mm90°PN16
63x50x63 mm90°PN16
75x63x75 mm90°PN16
90x63x90 mm90°PN16
110x63x110 mm90°PN16
110x90x110 mm90°PN16
125x90x125 mm90°PN16
125x110x125 mm90°PN16
160x90x160 mm90°PN16
160x110x160 mm90°PN16
160x125x160 mm90°PN16
180x90x180 mm90°PN16
180x110x180 mm90°PN16
180x125x180 mm90°PN16
180x140x180 mm90°PN16
180x160x180 mm90°PN16
200x90x200 mm90°PN16
200x110x200 mm90°PN16
225x90x225 mm90°PN16
225x110x225 mm90°PN16
250x90x250 mm90°PN16
250x110x250 mm90°PN16

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