Equipment for Unilift AP Basic pumps

Equipment for Unilift AP Basic pumps:

  • Check valve.
  • Gate valve.
  • Ball plug valve.
  • Snap socket.
  • High water level alarm.
  • Auto-coupling.
  • Level float.
  • Galvanised lifting chain.
  • Motor cable with level switch.
  • Motor cable with plug.
  • Control kit.
  • Locking spring.
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Check valve cast ironRp 2
Check valve, stainless AISI 316Rp 2
Gate valve, brassRp 2
Ball plug valve, stainless AISI 304Rp 2
Snapkobling alu han/hunRp 2
High water level alarm5 m cable
Auto-couplingRp 2
Level float5 m cable
Level float10 m cable
Lifting chain, galv.10 m x ø5
Motor cable with level switch with plug A1
Motorkabel med stik 1-faset
Motor cable with plug 3-phase
Control kit for AP Basic xxxA1 in wells
Fastening spring

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