Flygt DL wastewater pumps

Flygt DL wastewater pumps are designed for groundwater and drainages with solid particles. Flygt DL wastewater pumps are used for drain pumping from restaurants and kitchens.

Pump housing and stator housing are in stainless steel.

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  • Various models.
  • Available in cast iron or stainless steel.
  • Designed for handling wastewater with solid particles.
  • Coupling foot (attachment DN 50).


TypesCapacityHead max.OutletWeightVoltLevel floatImpeller
DLM 45-6350 l/min.7,6 m2 (50 mm)19,5 kg230 VYesChannel impeller
DLM 46-6450 l/min.9,7 m20,5 kg230 VYesChannel impeller
DLM 50-11600 l/min.18,3 m27 kg230 VYesChannel impeller
DL 45-6350 l/min.7,6 m19,5 kg400 VNoChannel impeller
DL 46-6450 l/min.9,7 m20,5 kg400 VNoChannel impeller
DL 45-11500 l/min.14,1 m21 kg400 VNoChannel impeller
DL 50-11600 l/min.18,3 m27 kg400 VNoChannel impeller
DLVM 45-6300 l/min.7,2 m19 kg230 VYesVortex impeller
DLVM 50-11500 l/min.10,6 m27 kg230 VYesVortex impeller
DLV 45-6300 l/min.7,2 m19 kg400 VNoVortex impeller
DLV 45-11500 l/min.8,4 m21 kg400 VNoVortex impeller
DLV 50-11500 l/min.10,6 m27 kg400 VNoVortex impeller
DLV 50-15600 l/min.13,1 m27 kg400 VNoVortex impeller

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