Flygt DX-series submersible wastewater pumps

Flygt DX-series submersible wastewater pumps are designed for pumping groundwater, rainwater, sewage, road tunnels and storage facilities.

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  • Pumping of groundwater and wastewater.
  • Drainage of road tunnels.
  • All Flygt DX-pumps are delivered with 10 meter cable.
  • All Flygt DX pumps are supplied with a 10 meter cable.
  • Various models.
  • Lightweight, efficient and compact.
  • Capable of pumping both clean and contaminated water.
  • Non-slip coupling foot, DN 50, for DX/DX50.
  • Coupling foot, DN 50, for CP/CD.
  • Cable holders, 5 level floats.
  • 5 meter stainless chain, max. 500 kg.
  • Winch, max. 750 kg.
  • Vortex impeller or twin-channel impeller.

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TypesCapacityHead max.OutletWeightVoltLevel floatImpeller
DX 35-5300 l/min.10,7 m1½ (40 mm)8,9 kg400 VNoNo
DX 50-7540 l/min.10,1 m2 (50 mm)13,6 kg400 VNoNo
DX 50-11615 l/min.12,7 m2 (50 mm)13,4 kg400 VNoNo
DX 50-15700 l/min.14,8 m2 (50 mm)14,4 kg400 VNoNo
DXM 35-5300 l/min.10,7 m1½ (40 mm)10,2 kg230 VYesNo
DXM 50-7540 l/min.10,1 m2 (50 mm)13,6 kg230 VYesNo
DXM 50-11615 l/min.12,7 m1½ (40 mm)13,4 kg230 VYesNo
DXV 35-5250 l/min.9,1 m1½ (40 mm)8,9 kg400 VNoYes
DXV 50-7400 l/min.7,7 m2 (50 mm)11,6 kg400 VNoYes
DXV 50-11450 l/min.9,1 m2 (50 mm)13,6 kg400 VNoYes
DXV 50-15500 l/min.11,0 m2 (50 mm)14,6 kg400 VNoYes
DXVM 35-5250 l/min.9,1 m1½ (40 mm)10,2 kg230 VYesYes
DXVM 50-7400 l/min.7,7 m2 (50 mm)13,6 kg230 VYesYes
DXVM 50-11450 l/min.9,1 m2 (50 mm)15,3 kg230 VYesYes

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