FRP Shafts without Sleeves

Tunetanken FRP Shafts without Sleeves are used for extending wells. Tunetanken FRP Shafts are produced in glass fiber-reinforced polyester, which is resistant to corrosion and chemicals.

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  • Low weight.
  • Great strength.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Can be cut for fitting at location.


315 mm500 mmComposite
315 mm1000 mmComposite
315 mm1500 mmComposite
315 mm2000 mmComposite
425 mm500 mmComposite
425 mm1000 mmComposite
425 mm1500 mmComposite
425 mm2000 mmComposite
580 mm500 mmComposite
580 mm1000 mmComposite
580 mm1500 mmComposite
580 mm2000 mmComposite
780 mm500 mmComposite
780 mm1000 mmComposite
780 mm1500 mmComposite
780 mm2000 mmComposite
900 mm500 mmComposite
900 mm1000 mmComposite
900 mm1500 mmComposite
900 mm2000 mmComposite

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