Grate/frame – Stainless brushed steel

Design grate/frame in stanless brushed steel.
Fits all standard MaxiFlex floor drainage with same measurements.

The frame should always be connected with the floor drain and grouted tightly. Never use silicone.

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  • Large programme.
  • Manufactured in fibre-reinforced composite.
  • Corrosion resilant and chemically resustant.
  • Low weight.
  • Smooth interior surfaces.


DescriptionHeightExternal height
Art Deco5,8 mm140 x 140 mm
Globe5,8 mm154 x 154 mm
Globe5,8 mm140 x 140 mm
Drop5,8 mm154 x 154 mm
Drop5,8 mm140 x 140 mm
Wave5,8 mm154 x 154 mm
Wave5,8 mm140 x 140 mm
Art Deco5,8 mm154 x 154 mm
Calypso5,8 mm140 x 140 mm
Calypso5,8 mm154 x 154 mm
Classic5,8 mm140 x 140 mm
Classic5,8 mm154 x 154 mm

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