Grinder Pump Station with 1 Pump

Grinder Pump Station for direct installation. Mounted with 1 pump with auto-coupling, guide pipe for quick and easy hoisting of pump, non-return and shut-off valve.

Incl. control box.

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  • Type A – SEG.40.09.E.
  • Type B – SEG.40.12.E.
  • Type C – SEG.40.15.E.
  • Type D – TT-DXG 25-11.
  • Gas spring hinged GAP cover.
  • TT venting
  • Handle with locking-bracket.
  • Buoyancy protection foot.
  • Without external control or level switch.
  • The pumping station is groundwater protected for terrain.
  • Can be mounted with different pumps as needed.
  • 3 pieces. floats for start / stop / alarm, TT GAP traverse, and pressure pipes in stainless steel (type D).


600 mm280 literSEG.40.091000 mmKomposit
600 mm420 literSEG.40.091500 mmKomposit
600 mm560 literSEG.40.092000 mmKomposit
600 mm700 literSEG.40.092500 mmKomposit
600 mm850 literSEG.40.093000 mmKomposit
600 mm990 literSEG.40.093500 mmKomposit
600 mm1130 literSEG.40.094000 mmKomposit
600 mm1270 literSEG.40.094500 mmKomposit
600 mm1420 literSEG.40.095000 mmKomposit
600 mm1550 literSEG.40.095500 mmKomposit
600 mm1700 literSEG.40.096000 mmKomposit

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