GV Precipitation tanks

GV Precipitation tanks are used for purification of wastewater.

Tunetanken precipitation tanks are high quality products produced in fiber-reinforced composite material that ensures great strength and a long life-cycle. Due to the unique properties of the material, it is often used in production of highly burdened products such as windmills, ships, planes, bridges, etc. Tunetanken precipitation tanks can be further reinforced to withstand pressure from soil, ground water and heavy traffic loads.

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  • Fiber-reinforced composite material with great strength and long life-cycle.
  • Uplift resistance foot secures tank stays in place.
  • Low weight and flat bottom for easy and fast mounting.
  • Smooth internal surfaces without profiling for optimal discharge.
  • Frost resistance.

Precipitation tanks are often exposed to different types of heavy loads. Tunetanken precipitation tanks can, therefore, be customised with further reinforcements to withstand pressure from ground water, soil, and heavy traffic loads.

Reinforcements for Tunetanken precipitation tanks:

  • Reinforcement of precipitation tank to withstand pressure from groundwater.
  • Reinforcement of precipitation tank to withstand heavy traffic.
  • Reinforcement of precipitation tank to withstand increased pressure from soil.
  • Riser shaft
  • Discharge alarm.
  • Smell-proof cover.
  • Pipe and flange stuts.


DiameterVolumeTypesHeightInlet heightMaterial
2000 mm2,0 m³5 PE GV1600 mm800 mmComposite
2300 mm3,0 m³7,5 PE GV1800 mm950 mmComposite
2300 mm4,0 m³10 PE GV1900 mm1100 mmComposite
2300 mm6,0 m³15 PE GV2400 mm1600 mmComposite

Reinforcement to withstand pressure from groundwater

1020205476418,0 m³20 PEComposite
1020205561810,0 m³25 PEComposite
10202056303812,0 m³30 PEComposite
10202057652714,0 m³35 PEComposite
10202058891816,0 m³40 PEComposite
10202059439018,0 m³45 PEComposite
10202060973020,0 m³50 PEComposite
10202053669130,0 m³75 PEComposite
10202052278740,0 m³100 PEComposite
10202051366360,0 m³150 PEComposite
10202052194180,0 m³200 PEComposite
102020537752100,0 m³250 PEComposite
102020549665120,0 m³300 PEComposite

Reinforcement to withstand heavy traffic

1020203465838,0 m³20 PEComposite
10202035505310,0 m³25 PEComposite
10202036659412,0 m³30 PEComposite
10202037156514,0 m³35 PEComposite
10202038124816,0 m³40 PEComposite
1020203945818,0 m³45 PEComposite
1020204053720,0 m³50 PEComposite
10202030510930,0 m³75 PEComposite
10202031593040,0 m³100 PEComposite
10202032319460,0 m³150 PEComposite
10202033677280,0 m³200 PEComposite
10202034296100,0 m³250 PEComposite
102020352494120,0 m³300 PEComposite

Reinforcement to withstand increased pressure from soil

1020208066332,0 m³5 PE500 mmComposite
1020209336903,0 m³7,5 PE500 mmComposite
1020208124634,0 m³10 PE500 mmComposite
1020208236946,0 m³15 PE500 mmComposite
1020208357728,0 m³20 PE500 mmComposite
10202084997110,0 m³25 PE500 mmComposite
10202085774112,0 m³30 PE500 mmComposite
10202086657314,0 m³35 PE500 mmComposite
10202087427316,0 m³40 PE500 mmComposite
1020208887518,0 m³45 PE500 mmComposite
10202089735020,0 m³50 PE500 mmComposite
10202090546430,0 m³75 PE500 mmComposite
10202091577940,0 m³100 PE500 mmComposite
10202092920960,0 m³150 PE500 mmComposite
10202093852180,0 m³200 PE500 mmComposite
102020945634100,0 m³250 PE500 mmComposite
102020958057120,0 m³300 PE500 mmComposite

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