Hay Feeders with Lid XL

Hay Feeders with Lid XL in exclusive Danish design can be used for feeding horses as well as cattle. Hay Feeders with Lid XL are developed with a range of innovative properties to obtain optimal use of fodder as well as provide movable, healthy and efficient feeding stations for all seasons.

Hay Feeders with Lid XL are produced fully moulded and water-tight to prevent moisture, insects and animals from penetrating the fodder. Hay Feeders with Lid XL have double-walled construction which, together with insulating and water-tight properties of the composite material, secures fresh fodder all year round. Bottom is integrated with slopes towards the sides to lead kernels and seeds out and on to the feeding stations. Therefore, animals do not have to reach for fodder thus preventing the wear of e.g., mane.

Hay Feeders with Lid XL are suitable for a complete hay bale. Because of the strong lid and lifting bracket, Hay Feeder filling as well as moving are simple and efficient.

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  • Double-walled construction in composite material secures insulation and fresh fodder.
  • Suitable for an entire bale of hay.
  • Integrated bottom slope towards the sides leads the fodder outwards to the animals.
  • Strong and durable composite material that is impact resistant and can endure all types of weather.
  • Low weight makes the Hay Feeders easy to move around.


TypesL x WHeightWeightMaterial
Type 23850 x 2200 mm2050 mm280 kgComposite

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