Hexagonal Duck Houses

Tunetanken floating Hexagonal Duck Houses are exclusive nesting residences for ducks and other waterfowls. Duck Houses can be placed in lakes or ponds.  By placing duck houses on the water, you minimise the risk of predators ravaging the nests for eggs.

Hexagonal Duck Houses have to be moored to the bottom of the lake with either anchor poles or p-ring anchors. See mounting instructions.

Be aware of the fact that wild ducks normally do not find nesting material on their own. It is, therefore, very important to supply and decorate the Duck House with nesting material in order to make sure that the house will get accepted. Supply each nesting room with approx. 15 cm thick layer of mulch. Straw and similar light material is not a suitable nesting material, as the ducks will remove it or shove it out of the nests.

Hexagonal Duck Houses are designed with separate entrances for each nesting room to make sure that it is easy for the ducks to enter and exit the nesting house.

Hexagonal Duck Houses are mainly produced in composite materials. Exterior composite walls are cladded with wood to provide the houses with a natural look. Composite materials have benefits such as watertightness, insulation, corrosion resistance, strength, low weight and minimal maintenance.

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  • Duck Houses with 1 nesting room.
  • Duck Houses with 3 nesting rooms.
  • Duck Houses with 6 nesting rooms.
  • Exclusive nesting residence for ducks and other waterfowls.
  • Protects against predators.
  • Watertight and insulating construction.
  • Long life cycle and minimal maintenance.
  • Floating duck houses with exclusive look.
  • Separate entrance for each nesting room.
  • Produced in composite material.
  • Exterior composite walls cladded with wood.


TypeLengthWidthHeightNumber of rooms
HE-1934 mm1078 mm1251 mm1
HE-31400 mm1617 mm1650 mm3
HE-62122 mm2450 mm2000 mm6



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