idOil-D30 Oil Separator Alarm

idOil-D30 alarm unit is used for oil separators and is designed for mounting on a M36 DIN rail in an electrical cabinet. The idOil-D30 unit is easy to use and has a flexible, local configuration with WLAN as well as has alarm logging.

It is possible to install up to three idOil-sensors in the idOil-20 alarm unit. Following levels can be monitored:

  • High liquid level: Indicates when the liquid level in the oil separator rises excessively.
  • Oil layer thickness: Indicates when the separator has reached its full capacity for oil or petrol.
  • Sludge level: Monitores sludge level and indicates when the separator has reached its maximum capacity.
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  • Easy to use.
  • Up to three idOil-sensors can be connected at the time.
  • Polarity-free connections.
  • Display with system status and alarm information.
  • ATEX-certified.
  • Compatible with idOil-LIQ, idOil-OIL and idOil-SLU.

idOil-D30 alarm for oil separators can be delivered as a complete package containg:

  • idOil-D30 control unit.
  • idOil-sensors.
  • Cable connectors.
  • Mounting kit LMS-SAS2 for the control unit.
  • Mounting kit LMS-SAS5 for sensors.


IP classificationCertificationL x H x DWeightAmbient temperatureSupply voltageCompatible sensors
IP20ATEX157 x 86 x 58 mm380 g-30° C...+60° C100-240V AC, 50/60 HzidOil-LIQ, idOil-OIL, idOil-SLU

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