Industrial Pumping Stations

Tunetanken Industrial Pumping Stations are robust and efficient pumping solutions that can be customised for a range of purposes as well as endure being below ground for many years. Our pumping stations are tailored the specific project to make sure dimensions, attachments and operation conditions meet your requirements.

The pump wells are produced in fiber-reinforced composite material, which makes the solution resistant to challenging conditions such as corrosion and soil pressure. Industrial Pumping Stations have long and functional life cycles due to the fully moulded and stable design as well as the material.

Tunetanken Industrial Pumping Stations are suitable for many different purposes e.g., transport of wastewater, process water, rainwater or aggressive industrial media. The pump wells can be delivered with installation building in fiber-reinforced composite material that protect pumps and installations against climatic influences and surface water.

We combine our high demands for functionality and quality with a customisable solution to provide you with a pumping station that works in the daily operation as well as have a long life cycle.

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  • Customised solution.
  • Fully moulded pump well in fiber-reinforced composite material.
  • Innovative uplift resistance edge.
  • Olive green (RAL 6025) or grey-white (9002).
  • Robust solution in fiber-reinforced composite material, which is resistant to soil and groundwater pressure.
  • Corrosion resistance secures a long life cycle.
  • Form stable secures that the well does not lose its form.
  • Fully moulded design ensures minimal excavation and simple mounting.
  • Smooth internal surfaces secures easy cleaning.
  • Naturally insulating and sealing properties protect pump and installations.
  • Customisable sizes and dimensions for special projects.
  • Material: Customised to fit pump variant and soil/ground pressure.
  • Standard colour for cover: Olive green (RAL 6025) or grey-white (9002).
  • Riser shaft for particular deep-lying pumping stations.
  • Safety grate, gas spring hinge or lockable cover.
  • Guide pipe or hoisting chain for easy hoisting/lowering of pump.
  • Insulated with PUR-foam and sandwich construction or mineral wool and glass fiber cover to secure against frost.
  • Extra reinforcement against high groundwater or heavy traffic loads.
  • Customisable colour according to RAL color chart.
  • In- and outlet: Adjusted to media that has to be transported.
  • Ventilation: Pipe led 500 mm above ground surface.
  • Access shaft: adjusted to operation and pump variant.

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