Installation Buildings, Type Wall

Installation Buildings – Type Wall are constructed with composite board cladding. The Type Wall Installation Buildings are designed to blend in naturally with its surroundings and the wall of the building in which it is being mounted.

Installation Buildings have a lockable door, interior light and power outlet. Smooth interior and fully moulded surfaces secure tightness between walls, ceiling and floor to avoid water in the construction.

Installation Buildings does not have a back wall and are installed with a mounting flange.

The Installation Buildings are manufactured in fiber-reinforced composite material, which is chemically resistant, resistant against corrosion, and climatic influences and frost resistant.

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  • Lockable door.
  • Interior light.
  • Power Outlets.
  • Manufactured in fiber-reinforced composite material.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Long life cycle.
  • Resistance to climatic influences and frost.
  • Great strength and durability.
  • Minimal maintenance inside as well as outside.
  • Naturally insulating and tight properties.
  • Endures short-term floods due to the tight construction.
  • Naturally insulating.
  • Tightening properties.
  • Can be delivered with different types of exterior claddings.
  • Customizable colour according to the RAL-colour chart.
  • Can be delivered in custom dimensions.


2217,5 mm2575 mm2755 mm

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