Installation Well Type A

Type A Installation Wells are developed to ensure optimal conditions for inspection with easy access and good lighting. The top cover encloses the entire top of the well and is mounted with special gas spring hinges, providing easy access as well as ensuring that the cover remains open during inspections.

This model is built with a flexible design which is well-suited for many different purposes e.g., can be used as valve, indicator, section or raw water well. Type A can also be used as a pressure boosting system, sending and receiving station as well as for other technical installations.

Type A Installation Wells are produced from fiber-reinforced polyeste – a material that is robust and resistant to corrosion and ground pressure. Finally, smooth internal surfaces are easy to clean and ensure a high level of hygiene.

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  • Ventilation.
  • Sump pump.
  • Ladder with slide brackets.
  • Large installation panel.
  • Lock brackets.
  • Lifting lugs.
  • Uplift resistance foot.
  • Glass fiber-reinforced polyester.
  • Concentric/eccentric top.


DiameterTotal heightMaterial
1250 mm2000 mmComposite
1500 mm2000 mmComposite
1600 mm2000 mmComposite
2000 mm2000 mmComposite


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