Level Sensors

Tunetanken Level Sensors for indication of dry media level in silos. Level Sensors send a signal when sensors are no longer surrounded by the media. In order to secure operation, Tunetanken recommends to mount an electronic level sensor on silos used for dry media. It can be connected to sound and light signals as well as it-reporting.

Level Sensors can easily be installed on the external vertical wall of the silo at the preferred height. Level Sensor’s electrical wiring can be connected to the chosen automation and installation.

There are three standard models with different functions.

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  • Signaling module incl. electrical wiring.
  • Cable glands with rubber seal.
  • Extra equipment for self-installation: Mounting plate incl. self-tapping screws. Comes with mounting instructions.
  • Ensures efficient handling of grains and other feed.
  • Improves the efficiency of the daily feeding processes.
  • Automated solutions with CE, UL, CSA and ATEX approvals.
  • Designed to withstand aggressive livestock environments.


DOL 41R30 mm110 mmDirect signal
DOL 43R30 mm110 mmTime variable hourly connection
DOL 45R30 mm110 mmTime variable hourly connection and disconnection

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