Light well grates

Tunetanken light well grates are a simple, stable and anti-slip closure of the light wells. The grates edges shield the light wells side edges and rear edge near the wall, which gives the grate extra strength and a simple appearance.

With grates you are ensured an optimal light incidence because of the open construction. At the same time the grates also creates a safe environment at daycares, companies and similar locations as the light well is soundly covered by the grate. The grate is very solid and it has non-slip properties, which makes it safe to walk upon. Furthermore, it has a low weight that makes it easy to remove from the inside which makes it easy to clean, or ensure an easy escape if needed.

The grate is made of a robust material, which ensures a high quality and a long life-cycle.
The light wells grates is offered in various mesh sizes as well as materials, so if suits you exact needs and you are able to achieve your desired design for the light well on the outside.

More information about Tunetanken light wells can be found here.

You can se our full program for construction here.

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  • High quality and a long life-cycle.
  • Simple, stable and anti-slip closure of the light well.
  • Provides the grate with extra strength as well as a simple look.
  • Provides safety.
  • Solid and anti-slip material.

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