Liquid Fertiliser Tanks

With Tunetanken Liquid Fertiliser Tank you get a complete storage solution that has been developed to facilitate handling of liquid fertilisers. Our Liquid Fertiliser Tanks are made of a robust and durable composite material, which together with a fully moulded design make the tanks resistant to corrosive fertilisers thus minimising the risk of leakage. This ensures that your new Liquid Fertiliser Tank has a long life cycle with minimal maintenance requirements.

In order to ease the everyday handling of fertilisers, Tunetanken Liquid Fertiliser Tanks are designed to provide improved conditions for inspection. Our Liquid Fertiliser Tanks have a vertical indication stripe, which provides a quick overview of the content, and two inspection hatches, that are installed at the top and on the side of the tank. Liquid Fertiliser Tanks have smooth and easy to clean inner surfaces without internal bolt joints, which prevents impurities from accumulating.

Tunetanken Liquid Fertiliser Tanks are available in standard sizes ranging from 5000 l – 55.000 l, but can be custom build up to 200.000 l. Liquid Fertiliser Tanks also have a specially developed anchoring edge, which provides additional stability thus making the mounting of the tank easy and safe.

With almost 50 years of experience in the field we have developed Liquid Fertiliser Tanks in order to create a durable and complete storage solution, that makes the handling of liquid fertiliser easier.

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  • 3 inspection options.
  • Specially developed anchoring edge.
  • Grey-white topcoat (RAL 9002).
  • Size/geometry according to needs and requirements.
  • Chemical resistance against aggressive fertilisers.
  • Corrosion resistance ensures a long life cycle.
  • Smooth surfaces for optimal emptying and cleaning.
  • No internal joints where stored media can accumulate.
  • Easy mounting provides flexibly and mobility when relocating the tank.
  • Topcoat protects the tank against climatic influences.
  • Complete storage solution with optimal logistics and operation.
  • Density: 1.35
  • Temperature: +/- 50º / 100º C operation.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Standard colour: grey-white (RAL 9002).
  • Level measuring.
  • Insulation with PUR-foam and sandwich construction.
  • Special colours according to RAL colour card.
  • Equipment for level measurement.
  • Inlet/outlet: DN 80 but can be adapted to operating conditions and needs.
  • Inspection hatch: DN800 with hinged vent cover and handle.
  • Manhole: DN500 with gasket and cover.
  • Indication stripe: for level orientation.
  • Ladder bracket: for connection of ladder.


VarietyContentDiameterTotal height
GT55.000 l1.600 mm2.400 mm
GT1010.000 l2.000 mm3.200 mm
GT1515.000 l2.400 mm3.400 mm
GT2020.000 l2.800 mm3.600 mm
GT2525.000 l3.000 mm4.000 mm
GT3030.000 l3.000 mm4.800 mm
GT3535.000 l3.000 mm5.500 mm
GT4040.000 l3.000 mm6.900 mm
GT4545.000 l4.000 mm4.200 mm
GT5050.000 l4.000 mm4.700 mm
GT5555.000 l4.000 mm5.300 mm

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