Mini purification systems – SOP

Tunetanken mini purification systems – SOP are used for purification of wastewater in regard to SOP purification class.

Wastewater is pre-treated in a precipitation tank and then pumped gradually and time-controlled  into the mini purification system.

In mini purification systems, wastewater is thoroughly treated with naturally occurred microorganism. After purification, wastewater can be led to streams.

Tunetanken mini purification systems meet the requirement of SOP purification class (increased requirement for reduction of organic material as well as nitrification and reduction of phosphorous).

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  • Tunetanken mini purification systems are delivered with cover, excl. precipitation tanks.
  • Meets the requirement of SOP purification class.
  • After purification the wastewater can be led to streams.


DiameterSizeHeightPurification class
1050 mm5 PE KGV1850 mmSOP
1050 mm10 PE KGV1850 mmSOP
2000 mm15 PE KGV1850 mmSOP
2000 mm20 PE KGV1850 mmSOP
2000 mm30 PE KGV1850 mmSOP

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