Outdoor Silos

With Tunetanken Outdoor Silos you get an optimal solution for storage and discharge that can also be custom made to meet your requirements. Our fully moulded, high quality silos have a long life cycle and are developed to secure the best conditions for supply, storage and effective discharge.

Tunetanken Outdoor Silos are produced in glasfiber-reinforced polyester – a unique composite material that along with custom design and our great expertise secure stable and well-functioning conditions for storage, service and operation. Outdoor Silos have smooth internal surfaces and a fully moulded design which minimise the risk of condensation and allow for a high level of hygiene, thus maintaining the high quality of the stored media.

Tunetanken Outdoor Silos can be delivered with extra equipment according to your needs, f.e, with a modern screw conveyor, automatic feeding system, level indication stripe etc. Outdoor silos can also be ordered in all RAL colours, in case they need to match certain surroundings.

With nearly five decades of experience in production and working with composite materials, we produce our Outdoor Silos to the meet highest requirements for quality and functionality.

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  • Cyclone with a vent pipe.
  • Supply pipe and pipe elbow with large radius.
  • Rain collar over the bottom outlet.
  • Standard clear or grey-white topcoat (RAL 9002).
  • Produced in glasfiber- reinforced composite material with natural insulating qualities.
  • Fully moulded design secures a tight seal.
  • Robust, strong and chemically resistant silo.
  • Long life-cycle.
  • Smooth surfaces for optimal discharge and cleaning.
  • Large standard programme with variable options.
  • High quality provides great recycle value.
  • Aesthetic design.
  • Density: 0,65.
  • Composite material with unique properties.
  • Standard colour: Clear or grey-white (RAL 9002).
  • Robust galvanised steel mount.
  • Available with different bottom outlets.
  • Customisable colour according to RAL color card.
  • 5 inch air supply system or 4 inch air supply system. (See downloads).
  • Full-Flow bottom outlet with or without mechanical shutter.
  • Level indicator stripe.
  • Manhole with hinged cover.
  • Ventilation pipe directed to terrain.


TypeVolumeContentDiameterTotal heightFree heightNumber of legs
FC4,54,5 m³2,9 t2400 mm4290 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
FC66 m³3,9 t2400 mm4600 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
FC88 m³5,2 t2400 mm5090 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
FC1010 m³6,8 t2400 mm5600 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
FC1313 m³8,4 t2400 mm6100 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
FC1616 m³10,4 t2400 mm6760 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
FC2121 m³13,7 t2400 mm7860 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
FC2626 m³16,9 t2400 mm8970 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
FC3232 m³20,8 t2400 mm10420 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
FC4040 m³26 t2400 mm12065 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
FC4040 m³26 t3000 mm9300 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
FC5050 m³32,5 t3000 mm10750 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
FC6060 m³39 t3000 mm12130 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
FC7070 m³45,5 t3000 mm13540 mm540/520 mm4 pcs.
FC7575 m³48,8 t3000 mm14255 mm540/520 mm6 pcs
FC8080 m³52 t3350 mm12970 mm540/520 mm6 pcs
FC9090 m³58,5 t3350 mm14100 mm540/520 mm6 pcs
FC100100 m³65 t3350 mm15240 mm540/520 mm6 pcs
FC110110 m³71,5 t4000 mm13040 mm540/520 mm8 pcs.
FC120120 m³78 t4000 mm13830 mm540/520 mm8 pcs.
FC130130 m³84,5 t4000 mm14630 mm540/520 mm8 pcs.
FC140140 m³91 t4000 mm15430 mm540/520 mm8 pcs.
FC150150 m³97,5 t4000 mm16230 mm540/520 mm8 pcs.


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