Pressure Hoses PN16/SDR9 PE80

Blue Hoses.
Assembled with manifold fittings or electric welding fittings.

Used for drinking water.

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DiameterLengthThicknessStrength class
110 mm50 m8,1 mmPN16
90 mm50 m6,7 mmPN16
75 mm50 m5,6 mmPN16
63 mm100 m4,7 mmPN16
50 mm100 m3,7 mmPN16
40 mm150 m3,0 mmPN16
40 mm100 m3,0 mmPN16
40 mm50 m3,0 mmPN16
32 mm200 m2,4 mmPN16
32 mm100 m2,4 mmPN16
32 mm50 m2,4 mmPN16
25 mm200 m2,0 mmPN16

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