Pressure Pipe PN10.SDR17 PE100

Black pipe for welding.
Used for wastewater and industrial water.

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DiameterLengthColliStrength class
90 mm12000 mm53PN10
110 mm12000 mm48PN10
125 mm12000 mm43PN10
140 mm12000 mm38PN10
160 mm12000 mm20PN10
180 mm12000 mm17PN10
200 mm12000 mm14PN10
225 mm12000 mm14PN10
250 mm12000 mm11PN10
280 mm12000 mm4PN10
315 mm12000 mm3PN10
355 mm12000 mm3PN10
400 mm12000 mm3PN10
450 mm12000 mm2PN10

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