Pump Wells

Pump Wells are designed for collecting and pumping e.g., drain water and waste water. In- and outlet are drilled into the wells with In Situs.

Pump Wells are produced in fiber-reinforced composite material, which secures great strength and a long life cycle.

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  • Great strength and a long life cycle.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Cover.


DiameterVolumeShaft diameterHeightMaterial
600 mm240 litres315 mm865 mmComposite
600 mm240 litres425 mm865 mmComposite
800 mm400 litres315 mm900 mmComposite
800 mm400 litres425 mm900 mmComposite
1000 mm600 litres425 mm1050 mmComposite
1000 mm600 litres315 mm1050 mmComposite
1250 mm1000 litres580 mm1000 mmComposite
1250 mm2000 litres580 mm2000 mmComposite
1600 mm2000 litres580 mm1250 mmComposite
1600 mm2500 litres580 mm1500 mmComposite
1600 mm3000 litres580 mm1750 mmComposite
2000 mm4000 litres580 mm1950 mmComposite
2000 mm5300 litres580 mm2000 mmComposite
2300 mm6300 litres580 mm2000 mmComposite
2300 mm7200 litres580 mm2000 mmComposite
2800 mm14500 litres580 mm2500 mmComposite
3500 mm23000 litres580 mm3000 mmComposite
4000 mm30000 litres580 mm3000 mmComposite

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