Rainwater system – garden irrigation

Complete Tunetanken system for collecting rainwater to garden irrigation, carwash and other outside purposes.

The rainwater system consists of a rainwater tank, suction tip filter, filter basket, adapted pump, piping, garden hose outlet and edge cover. The rainwater system is placed under ground outside the building.

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  • Complete and flexible system.
  • Rainwater tank in fiber-reinforced composite material.
  • The rainwater system can be delivered with extra reinforcements against pressure from groundwater, heavy traffic load and increased soil pressure.


1250 mm2500 liter2250 mmComposite
1400 mm3000 liter2300 mmComposite
1600 mm4000 liter2300 mmComposite
1800 mm5000 liter2400 mmComposite
2000 mm6300 liter2400 mmComposite
2300 mm7300 liter2200 mmComposite
2300 mm8300 liter2500 mmComposite
2500 mm10000 liter2500 mmComposite

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