Raised Garden Beds

Raised Gardens Beds is ideal to use for planting e.g. herbs, vegetables and plants.

Raised Garden Beds can be used to divide your garden into smaller sections and give it a nice and clean look with clear divisions. Furthermore, it provides a different design with the height differences it can give and possibilities for new design options.

Raised Garden Beds provides more optimal conditions in terms of work height when planting, harvesting, pruning, etc., in your garden. When the ground is being raised it also provides the plants with warmer temperatures than at ground level.

Raised Garden Beds are produced in composite material, which is a material with numerous benefits such as great strength, durability, low weight and a long life span.

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  • Ideal for planting herbs, vegetables and plants.
  • Provides division and sections in your garden.
  • New arrangement options.
  • Manufactured in composite.
  • Provides more optimal conditions in terms of work height.
  • Great strength and durability.
  • Long life span.


SPJ-M1160 mm810 mm490 mmComposite

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