Septic pump systems

Septic pump systems are produced in fiber-reinforced composite material. Septic pump systems consist of a discharge system as well as a pump system.

  • Discharge system consisting of Ø40 mm pressure discharge pipe with joint fittings, excl. PEL-hose.
  • Pump system consisting of 1 pump with level float for start-stop, swing check valve, outlet hose, fittings and mounting FRP profil

Pressure infiltration systems are made of fiber-reinforced composite, which is a material with high strength, long life-cycle, low weight and easy installation.

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  • Septic pump systems are delivered with integrated pump well and uplift resistance foot.
  • Fiber-reinforced composite material with great strength and long life-cycle.
  • Low weight and easy mounting.
  • Resistant against corrosion.
  • Durability.
  • Precipitation tanks can be further reinforced to withstand groundwater pressure, heavy traffic loads and soil pressure.


DiameterVolumeTypesHeightInlet heightDischarge zoneMaterial
2300 mm8,0 m³20 PE2900 mm1900 mm8 x 16 mComposite
2300 mm10,0 m³25 PE3400 mm2400 mm10 x 16 mComposite
2300 mm12,0 m³30 PE3900 mm2900 mm12 x 16 mComposite
2800 mm14,0 m³35 PE3100 mm2100 mm14 x 16 mComposite
2800 mm16,0 m³40 PE3400 mm2400 mm16 x 16 mComposite
2800 mm18,0 m³45 PE3700 mm2700 mm18 x 16 mComposite
2800 mm20,0 m³50 PE4000 mm3000 mm20 x 16 mComposite

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