SEV (SuperVortex impeller) Pumps

SEV (SuperVortex impeller) Pumps are designed for pumping wastewater, process water and unfiltered (black) wastewater.

SEV Pumps are suitable for large municipal, public and industrial facilities.

SEV Pumps can be installed for stationary use with auto-coupling or permanent pipe attachments.

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  • Commercial wastewater.
  • Water reuse.
  • Flood control.
  • Wastewater treatment.
  • Wastewater transport.
  • Waterproof cable connection.
  • Cooling jacket for internal cooling of the motor.
  • Double mechanical cartridge shaft seal.
  • Motor shield in stainless steel.
  • Integrated analog sensors.
  • Stainless steel clamps.


TypesCapacityHead max.OutletVoltExplosion secure
SEV. l/min.18 mDN 65400 VNo
SEV. l/min.21 mDN 65400 VNo
SEV. l/min.28 mDN 65400 VNo
SEV. l/min.18 mDN 80400 VNo
SEV. l/min.22 mDN 80400 VNo
SEV. l/min.30 mDN 80400 VNo
SEV. l/min.5 mDN 80400 VNo
SEV. l/min.8 mDN 80400 VNo
SEV. l/min.10 mDN 80400 VNo
SEV. l/min.12 mDN 80400 VNo
SEV. l/min.16 mDN 80400 VNo
SEV. l/min.20 mDN 80400 VNo
SEV. l/min.26 mDN 80400 VNo
SEV. l/min.32 mDN 80400 VNo
SEV. l/min.36 mDN 80400 VNo
SEV. l/min.40 mDN 80400 VNo
SEV. l/min.7 mDN 100400 VNo
SEV. l/min.8 mDN 100400 VNo
SEV. l/min.9 mDN 100400 VNo
SEV. l/min.12 mDN 100400 VNo
SEV. l/min.17 mDN 100400 VNo
SEV. l/min.22 mDN 100400 VNo
SEV. l/min.26 mDN 100400 VNo
SEV. l/min.32 mDN 100400 VNo
SEV. l/min.36 mDN 100400 VNo
SEV. l/min.40 mDN 100400 VNo
SEV. l/min.11 mDN 100400 VNo
SEV. l/min.14 mDN 100400 VNo
SEV. l/min.17 mDN 100400 VNo
SEV. l/min.19 mDN 100400 VNo
SEV.65.80.22.EX.2.50D720 l/min.18 mDN 65400 VYes
SEV.65.65.30.EX.2.50D760 l/min.21 mDN 65400 VYes
SEV.65.65.40.EX.2.51D1000 l/min.28 mDN 65400 VYes
SEV.65.80.22.EX.2.50D720 l/min.18 mDN 80400 VYes
SEV.65.80.30.EX.2.50D760 l/min.22 mDN 80400 VYes
SEV.65.80.40.EX.2.51D1000 l/min.30 mDN 80400 VYes
SEV.80.80.11.EX.4.50D960 l/min.6 mDN 80400 VYes
SEV.80.80.13.EX.4.50D1080 l/min.8 mDN 80400 VYes
SEV.80.80.15.EX.4.50D1200 l/min.10 mDN 80400 VYes
SEV.80.80.22.EX.4.50D1200 l/min.12 mDN 80400 VYes
SEV.80.80.40.EX.4.51D1200 l/min.16 mDN 80400 VYes
SEV.80.80.40.EX.2.51D1200 l/min.20 mDN 80400 VYes
SEV.80.80.60.EX.2.51D1200 l/min.26 mDN 80400 VYes
SEV.80.80.75.EX.2.51D1200 l/min.32 mDN 80400 VYes
SEV.80.80.92.EX.2.51D1200 l/min.36 mDN 80400 VYes
SEV.80.80.110.EX.2.51D1200 l/min.40 mDN 80400 VYes
SEV.80.100.11.EX.4.50D960 l/min.7 mDN 100400 VYes
SEV.80.100.13.EX.4.50D1080 l/min.8 mDN 100400 VYes
SEV.80.100.15.EX.4.50D1200 l/min.9 mDN 100400 VYes
SEV.80.100.22.EX.4.50D1320 l/min.12 mDN 100400 VYes
SEV.80.100.40.EX.2.51D1320 l/min.22 mDN 100400 VYes
SEV.80.100.40.EX.4.51D1440 l/min.17 mDN 100400 VYes
SEV.80.100.60.EX.2.51D1500 l/min.26 mDN 100400 VYes
SEV.80.100.75.EX.2.51D1920 l/min.32 mDN 100400 VYes
SEV.80.100.92.EX.2.51D2160 l/min.36 mDN 100400 VYes
SEV.80.100.110.EX.2.51D2160 l/min.44 mDN 100400 VYes
SEV.100.100.30.EX.4.50D1920 l/min.11 mDN 100400 VYes
SEV.100.100.40.EX.4.51D2040 l/min.14 mDN 100400 VYes
SEV.100.100.55.EX.4.51D2160 l/min.17 mDN 100400 VYes
SEV.100.100.75.EX.4.51D2280 l/min.19 mDN 100400 VYes

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