SiloTronic device for media monitoring

Wireless device for monitoring and controlling the silo contents

SiloTronic is a sensor with laser technology that allows you to monitor the current level of the media content available in your fodder silo(s) anywhere.

With this solution, you avoid manual control of media content from the top of the silos. The SiloTronic device optimizes fodder distribution routes and time by reducing transport costs and minimizing the return of excess fodder.

The SiloTronic device is to be mounted at the top of the silo with stepless adjustment to the slope of the silo top.

Combining the SiloTronic device and the, you get a complete internet-based solution for level control of media in silos. The SiloTronic device can be adjusted to your new silo or retrofitted to the existing silos.

The app provides a quick overview of fodder consumption. In addition to checking stocks in real time, one can also access historical data about the development of silo contents to detect possible irregularities in consumption, see replenishment periods and schedule low-level warning alarms.

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  • Individual customization of the platform: farming, users, geolocation, color coding.
  • The SiloTronic device allows installation in silos with several degrees of inclination of the cone top.
  • User levels: dealer, company and farmer.
  • The electronic elements and the batteries are protected in a special compartment that guarantees their tightness.
  • Configuration of silos, fodder and sensors.
  • Irregularity alerts via e-mail.

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