Smoke and air ducts

Tunetanken smoke and air ducts are ideal for efficient transportation of gaseous emissions and air. Smoke and air ducts are manufactured in fiber-reinforced composite material. Due to material properties like strength and durability the ducts are well-suited for a range of different purposes. Likewise, unique composite material qualities allow for smoke and air ducts to withstand high temperatures as well as contact with aggressive flue gasses.

Production using composite material has an advantage of design freedom and applicability for shape. Our smoke and air ducts can be custom made to meet special requirements regarding dimensions, angles as well as particular operating conditions. Furthermore, Tunetanken smoke and air ducts are fabricated according specific flue gas data in order to live up to the correct purification rules and regulations.

Our smoke and air ducts can also be tunned with extra equipment such as valves for flue gas regulation, compensators for equalisation of vibrations and noise, customised nozzle lances for easy internal cleaning, as well as manholes for easy access at inspection.

Due to our high demands for quality as well as attention to customised production, Tunetankens’ smoke and air ducts are a functional and efficient solution providing utmost value for your company’s daily operation.

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  • Custom made sizes, shapes and dimensions.
  • Fully moulded design with full lamination.
  • Project management from beginning to end.
  • Clear or standard grey-white (RAL 9002) top coating.
  • Fully moulded solution in a fiber-reinforced composite material.
  • Resistant to aggressive environments and high temperatures.
  • Great strength and form stability for secure functionality.
  • Corrosion resistance secures long life cycle.
  • Smooth surfaces without any joints for easy cleaning.
  • Custom made solution according to requested dimensions, angles and bends.
  • Low weight and fully moulded design for easy mounting.
  • Temperature: +/- 100°C at operation, +/- 200° at inlet (depending on the material).
  • Chemical resistance adjusted to the transported media.
  • Standard color: Clear or grey-white (RAL 9002).
  • Can be manufactured with 90°.
  • Can be delivered with flanges produced in composite material.
  • Can be delivered with internal top coating adjusted to flue gas data.
  • Can be ordered in any colour from RAL-colour card.
  • Manhole: DN500 with bolted cover.
  • Flange for attachment of compensators.
  • Valve for flue gas regulation.
  • Nozzle lances for internal cleaning.

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