Smooth conduit pipes

Conduit Pipes with both interior and exterior smooth surfaces including a fully moulded sleeve. The smooth conduit pipes can be used for e.g. cables.

The conduit pipes are available in orange or red and are available in various diameters.

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  • Interior and exterior smooth surfaces.
  • Available in various diameters.
  • Can be used for e.g. cables.


32/2,2 mm6000 mmPE
40/2,5 mm6000 mmPE
50/2,8 mm6000 mmPE
63/2,8 mm6000 mmPE
75/2,8 mm6000 mmPE
90/2,8 mm6000 mmPE
110/2,8 mm6000 mmPE
125/5,0 mm6000 mmPE

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