Tunetanken steps are made of composite, which provides benefits such as: high load bearing capacity in relation to the thickness of the steps, high durability, chemical resistant, noise reducing and minimal maintenance etc.

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  • Low weight.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Chemically resistant.
  • The steps are delivered on request.


Open stepsIndoorSmoothComposite
Open stepsIndoorSlip-proofComposite
Open stepsOutdoorSmoothComposite
Open stepsOutdoorSlip-proofComposite
Riser stepsIndoorSmoothComposite
Riser stepsIndoorSlip-proofComposite
Riser stepsOutdoorSmoothComposite
Riser stepsOutdoorSlip-proofComposite

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