Transport Tanks for Liquid Fertiliser

With a Tunetanken Transport Tank for Liquid Fertiliser, you get a complete transportation and storage solution, which is developed to facilitate handling, transportation and storage of liquid fertilisers.

Tunetanken Transport Tanks are made of fiber-reinforced composite material, which together with a fully moulded design make the tank resistant to corrosive fertilisers, thus minimising the risk of leakage.  This ensures that your new Trasport Tank has a long life cycle with minimal maintenance requirements.

Tunetanken Transport Tanks for Liquid Fertiliser can be produced according to individual needs, with sizes ranging from 5 m³ to 100 m³. Tunetanken Transport Tanks for Liquid Fertiliser are designed with regard to operation, optimisation, maintenance, life cycle, environment.

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  • Fully moulded tank with saddles adjusted to size.
  • Control hatch.
  • Inlet and outlet.
  • Ventilation hatch.
  • Made of fiber-reinforced composite, a strong and robust material that is weather resistant.
  • Specially designed edges for fixation of the transport tank in steel containers.
  • Fully moulded design mounted on saddles for a stable installation.
  • Smooth, hygienic and easy to clean surfaces.
  • Temperature resistance: +/- 50º / 100º C at operation.
  • Sizes ranging from 5 m³ – 100 m³.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Can be manufactured with a  recess for i.a. sliding profiles and straps.
  • Can be delivered with special edges for side fixation when transporting in an open steel container.
  • Can be transported on a trailer as well as in an open steel container.
  • Baffle plates.
  • Sight glass.

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