Trapeze cladding

The facades’ expression helps to provide the overall aesthetic look of the building. The Tunetanken Trapeze cladding is a durable cladding that ensures a classic look. The Trapeze cladding can be mounted vertically, horizontally and also at an angle.

The Trapeze cladding from Tunetanken manufactured in fiber-reinforced composite. A unique material that is very strong, durable, and easily adaptable on site, which is very suitable for aggressive environments such as swimming pools, industrial areas and near the coast. The composite products from Tunetanken helps to provide a wide variety of options, that makes it possible to create different, well-ventilated and untraditional face solutions.

The composite material is not electrically conductive and therefore does not require grounding and does not interfere with radio waves. In addition, the composite material has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, so there will be only minimal changes when exposed to temperature fluctuations. Frost and low temperatures will therefore not cause the material to crack.

Tunetanken facade sheets or facade cladding are mounted horizontally, vertically, on clinks or 1 on 2 which provides your building with its own architectural distinctiveness.

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  • Manufactured in fiber-reinforced composite.
  • Great strength and long life-cycle.
  • Spark- and metal-free.
  • Noise reducing.
  • Thermal and electrical insulation.
  • Low weight and minimal maintenance.
  • Chemically resistant.
  • Corrosion and temperature resistant.
  • Keeps the color, even in the face of UV radiation.
  • Natural insulating ability that creates a better indoor climate without compromising on design.
  • Easy processing/mounting.
  • Can be manufactured in desired RAL-colour.


TypesDimension, max cladding lengthWall thicknessMaterial
20 - 11512000 x 1080 x 18 mm4 mmComposite
20 - 11512000 x 1080 x 18 mm6 mmComposite
35 - 19012000 x 1080 x 35 mm4 mmComposite
35 - 19012000 x 1080 x 35 mm6 mmComposite
35 - 20612000 x 1080 x 34 mm4 mmComposite
35 - 20612000 x 1080 x 34 mm6 mmComposite

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