Unidrain Outlet Unit Line

Delivered in PP without water locket, with horisontal side outlet.

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ModelMaterialOutlet DiameterWater LocketSide InletDirection
1301PP32 mmWithoutWithoutHorisontal
1301PP50 mmWithoutWithoutHorisontal
1401PP50 mmWithWithoutHorisontal
1401PP75 mmWithWithoutHorisontal
1402PP75 mmWithWithoutVertical
1403PP75 mmWith2 pcs. Ø 40Horisontal
1404PP75 mmWith2 pcs. Ø 40Vertical
1405PP50 mmWithWithoutHorisontal
1406PP50 mmWithWithoutHorisontal
1407PP50 mmWithWithoutHorisontal

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