Unilift DP10-series pumps

Unilift DP10-series pumps are designed for pumping of drain and wastewater, groundwater as well as industrial process water without solid materials or fibers.

Unilift DP10-series pumps are suitable for pumping of drain water and other media with pH values between 4-10 in secure installations.

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  • Commercial wastewater.
  • Domestic wastewater.
  • Mine dewatering.
  • Wastewater transport.
  • Various models.
  • Semi-open impeller for free passage of drainage and groundwater.
    • Check valve in cast iron or stainless AISI 3106. Rp 2 ½ or Rp 2.
    • Gate valve in brass. Rp 2 ½ or Rp. 2.
    • Ball plug valve in stainless AISI 304. Rp 2.
    • Snap socket in alu male/female, Rp 2.
    • Snap sockets in stainless AISI, male/female. Rp 2 ½.
    • High water level alarm with 5 m cable.
    • Auto-coupling. Rp 2/Rp2 or DN 65/DN 65.
    • Galvanised lifting chain 10 m x Ø5.
    • Galvanised hexagon nipple. Rp 2 ½ or Rp 2.
    • Threaded flange. DN 65/Rp 2 ½.
    • Bolts, nuts and gaskets. DN 65.
    • Lifting chain with shackle, hot dip galvanisation and maximum lift at 800kg and length 10 m, 8 m, 6 m or 3 m.
    • 900 Rp 2 ½ or Rp 2.
    • Built-in motor protection.
    • 10 m cable.

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ModelTypesCapacityHead max.OutletVoltExplosion secureLevel float
StandardUnilift DP10. l/min.14 mR 2230 VNoNo
StandardUnilift DP10. l/min.14 mR 2400 VNoNo
StandardUnilift DP10. l/min.20 mR 2400 VNoNo
StandardUnilift DP10. l/min.25 mDN 65400 VNoNo
Standard AUnilift DP10.50.09.A.2.1.502720 l/min.14 mR 2230 VNoYes
Standard AUnilift DP10.50.09.A.2.50B720 l/min.14 mR 2400 VNoYes
Standard AUnilift DP10.50.15.A.2.50B820 l/min.20 mR 2400 VNoYes
Standard AUnilift DP10.65.26.A.2.50B760 l/min.25 mDN 65400 VNoYes
Standard EXUnilift DP10.50.09.EX.2.1.502720 l/min.14 mR 2230 VYesNo
Standard EXUnilift DP10.50.09.EX.2.50B720 l/min.14 mR 2400 VYesNo
Standard EXUnilift DP10.50.15.EX.2.50B820 l/min.20 mR 2400 VYesNo
Standard EXUnilift DP10.65.26.EX.2.50B760 l/min.25 mDN 65400 VYesNo
AutoADAPTUnilift DP10.50.09.E.2.1.502720 l/min.14 mR 2230 VNoNo
AutoADAPTUnilift DP10.50.09.E.2.50B720 l/min.14 mR 2400 VNoNo
AutoADAPTUnilift DP10.50.15.E.2.50B820 l/min.20 mR 2400 VNoNo
AutoADAPTUnilift DP10.65.26.E.2.50B760 l/min.20 mDN 65400 VNoNo
AutoADAPT EXUnilift DP10.50.09.E.EX.2.1.502720 l/min.14 mR 2230 VYesNo
AutoADAPT EXUnilift DP10.50.09.E.EX.2.50B720 l/min.14 mR 2400 VYesNo
AutoADAPT EXUnilift DP10.50.15.E.EX.2.50B820 l/min.20 mR 2400 VYesNo
AutoADAPT EXUnilift DP10.65.26.E.EX.2.50B760 l/min.25 mDN 65400 VYesNo

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