Vibration Motors

Vibration Motors are used for an efficient discharge and flow-through of powdered products in silos. The motors are designed and produced with top quality bearings and an efficient grease retaining system for long lasting performance and low noise generation.

With Vibration Motors you get less damages and easy emptying. In addition, our unique mounting method ensures optimal function.

The Tunetanken Vibration Motors are mounted on specially developed fiber-reinforced composite brackets. The brackets are laminated on the outside of the silo cone, whereby the vibrations are transmitted evenly over a larger area for a greater effect. Furthermore, the installation of Vibration Motors can be carried out with a full silo and without any downtime. The assembly also does not perforate the silo with bolt joints, which can otherwise result in leaks and water penetration.

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  • Ensure an efficient and stable emptying of e.g., powdered products.
  • Can be mounted from the factory or on an already set up and full silo.
  • Distribute vibrations over a large area for efficient discharge.
  • Minimize the risk of skewed media distribution, bridging and damage from lowering media (pressure/vacuum).
  • Powerful vibration motor with several adjustment options.

Vibration Motors can be connected to a control box that is either being controlled manually or set to run at intervals when emptying is in process. The motor can also be connected to its own system.


ModelWeightCentrifugal forceVoltage frequencyVolt
TTMVE1005 kgMax. 98 kg50Hz230/400
TTMVE2007 kgMax. 187 kg50Hz230/400
TTMVE3009 kgMax. 321 kg50Hz230/400
TTMVE40011 kgMax. 407 kg50Hz230/400

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