Wastewater Pumping Stations with 2 Pumps SP1250 – 2 x SLV.80.80.15

The Wastewater Pumping Stations are equipped with 2 wastewater pumps with internal control system.

Wastewater Pumping Stations with 2 Pumps are designed for pumping black wastewater. Wastewater Pumping Stations are constructed for submersible use in network pumping stations, wastewater treatment facilities, public buildings, apartment blocks and industrial facilities.

Wastewater Pumping Stations are delivered with SuperVortex impellers that allow passage of particle up to 100 mm.

Incl. Control box.

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1250 mm2500 liter2 x SLV.80.80.154000 mmKomposit
1250 mm2800 liter2 x SLV.80.80.154500 mmKomposit
1250 mm3120 liter2 x SLV.80.80.155000 mmKomposit
1250 mm3430 liter2 x SLV.80.80.155500 mmKomposit
1250 mm3750 liter2 x SLV.80.80.156000 mmKomposit

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