Airtight Grain Silos

Tunetanken Airtight Grain Silos ensure best possible conditions for storage of grain and harvest. Airtight Grain Silos maintain the quality of the grain high. In an airtight silo the grain lose their germination capacity and thus have a preservative and fermenting effect. Our high-tech Airtight Grain Silos provide the most cost-effective storage, as you avoid the extra costs of drying. In an airtight silo, the risk of vermin is minimised as there is no atmospheric oxygen present.

Our Airtight Grain Silos can be built according to your specific needs, e.g. in relation to filling and emptying equipment, dimensions, connection to other silos as well as colour choices. This ensures that Tunetanken Airtight Grain Silos fit into the new surroundings as well as for your workflow.

Airtight Grain Silos are made of fiber-reinforced polyester and have smooth inner surfaces, which facilitate cleaning and ensure optimal flow during the grain extraction.

Our Airtight Grain Silos are your guarantee for a Danish-made quality, which is based on almost 50 years of experience as well as the latest development within composite materials. Tunetanken Airtight Grain Silos give you the best utilization of your production while maintaining the good grain quality.

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  • Steel stand with 6-8 legs.
  • Pressure relief valve.
  • Supply pipe.
  • Ladder, walkway and pipe connectors.
  • Olive green (RAL 6025)/grey-white (9002) topcoats.
  • Fully moulded construction ensures an airtight silo and protects the grain from atmospheric oxygen.
  • Grain with up to 22% moisture content can be directly filled into the silo.
  • No drying costs.
  • No extra expenses for transportation.
  • Less waste, as it can be harvested 2-3 day earlier.
  • Great appetite in the livestock, as the grain smells fresh and contains less dust.
  • Better straw quality due to earlier harvest.
  • Better utilisation of the nutritional value of the grain.
  • Minimises the risk of vermin as no atmospheric oxygen is present.
  • Made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester that protects against corrosion and condensation.
  • Density: 700 kg/m3, depends on grain type as well as humidity.
  • Material: fiberglass-reinforced polyester and galvanised steel.
  • Operating temperature up to 45˚ C.
  • Standard colour: grey-white (RAL 9002)/olive green (RAL 6025).
  • 70º FullFlow bottom socket with/without hand shutter.
  • Level indicator.
  • Quick coupling according to Danish standards.
  • Special colours according to RAL colour card.


VarietyContentConveyorDiameterStand heightSilo TopTotal height
KG100/170 t10° / 45°3350 mm2000 mm13500 mm14500 mm
KG100/270 t10° / 45°3350 mm2000 mm13500 mm14500 mm
KG143/1100 t10° / 45°4000 mm2295 mm13500 mm14500 mm
KG143/2100 t10° / 45°4000 mm2295 mm13500 mm14500 mm
KG169/1120 t10° / 45°4000 mm2295 mm15000 mm16000 mm
KG169/2120 t10° / 45°4000 mm2295 mm15000 mm16000 mm
KG210/1150 t10° / 45°4500 mm2565 mm16000 mm17000 mm
KG210/2150 t10° / 45°4500 mm2565 mm16000 mm17000 mm

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