Airtight modular silos

Tunetanken airtight modular silos ensure best possible conditions for storage of grain and harvest. Airtight modular silos maintain the quality of the grain high. In an airtight silo the grain lose their germination capacity and thus have a preservative and fermenting effect.

Our airtight modular grain silos provide the most cost-effective storage, as you avoid the extra costs of drying. In an airtight modular silo, the risk of vermin is minimised as there is no atmospheric oxygen present.

Our airtight modular silos can be built according to your specific needs, e.g. in relation to filling and emptying equipment, dimensions, connection to other silos as well as colour choices. This ensures that Tunetanken airtight modular silos fit into the new surroundings as well as for your workflow. Airtight modular silos have smooth inside surfaces and rounded corners, which together ensure a good flow during grain extraction.

Airtight modular silos are made of fiber-reinforced composite – a unique material that is also used to manufacture highly strained products such as wind turbines, ships, airplanes, bridges, etc.

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  • Pressure relief valve.
  • Top hatch.
  • Air tight manhole/inspection hatch.
  • Pressure gauge.
  • Corrosion resistant, chemically resistant and insulating modular silo.
  • Allows storage of grain with up to 22% of moisture content.
  • Less waste, as harvest can be collected 2-3 days earlier.
  • No drying costs and no extra transportation expenses.
  • Greater appetite of the livestock, as the grain smells fresh and contains less dust.
  • Better straw quality due to the early harvest.
  • Better utilisation of the nutritional value of the grain.
  • Minimises the risk of vermin as no atmospheric oxygen is present.
  • Flexible modular system that offers various construction options.
  • Low weight and fully moulded design for fast and easy installation.
  • Laminated, fully moulded construction ensures airtightness and strength.
  • Sizes from 340 m³ – 12500 m³.
  • Large equipment programme for filling, emptying, grain spreading, pressure gauge etc.
  • Available in various colours.
  • Modular ladder/staircase.
  • Transportation conveyor.
  • Emptying system.


TypeVolume_ikkeContentDiameterTotal heightSide height
TTGMS 9.3339 m³237 t9000 mm6543 mm4767 mm
TTGMS 9.4439 m³307 t9000 mm8115 mm6339 mm
TTGMS 9.5539 m³377 t9000 mm9687 mm7911 mm
TTGMS 9.6639 m³447 t9000 mm11259 mm9483 mm
TTGMS 12.3694 m³486 t12000 mm7761 mm5355 mm
TTGMS 12.4894 m³626 t12000 mm9529 mm7123 mm
TTGMS 12.51094 m³766 t12000 mm11297 mm8891 mm
TTGMS 12.61294 m³906 t12000 mm13065 mm10659 mm
TTGMS 15.31083 m³758 t15000 mm8172 mm5145 mm
TTGMS 15.41383 m³968 t15000 mm9870 mm6843 mm
TTGMS 15.51683 m³1178 t15000 mm11568 mm8541 mm
TTGMS 15.61983 m³1388 t15000 mm13266 mm10239 mm
TTGMS 15.72283 m³1598 t15000 mm14964 mm11937 mm
TTGMS 18.31508 m³1056 t18000 mm8323 mm4767 mm
TTGMS 18.41908 m³1336 t18000 mm9895 mm6339 mm
TTGMS 18.52308 m³1616 t18000 mm11467 mm7911 mm
TTGMS 18.62708 m³1896 t18000 mm13039 mm9483 mm
TTGMS 18.73108 m³2176 t18000 mm14611 mm11055 mm
TTGMS 18.83508 m³2456 t18000 mm16183 mm12627 mm
TTGMS 18.93908 m³2736 t18000 mm17755 mm14199 mm
TTGMS 21.32290 m³1603 t21000 mm9402 mm5250 mm
TTGMS 21.42890 m³2023 t21000 mm11135 mm6983 mm
TTGMS 21.53490 m³2443 t21000 mm12868 mm8716 mm
TTGMS 21.64090 m³2863 t21000 mm14601 mm10449 mm
TTGMS 21.74690 m³3283 t21000 mm16334 mm12182 mm
TTGMS 21.85290 m³3703 t21000 mm18067 mm13915 mm
TTGMS 21.95890 m³4123 t21000 mm19800 mm15648 mm
TTGMS 21.106490 m³4543 t21000 mm21533 mm17381 mm
TTGMS 24.33560 m³2492 t24000 mm10037 mm5292 mm
TTGMS 24.44560 m³3192 t24000 mm11784 mm7039 mm
TTGMS 24.55560 m³3892 t24000 mm13531 mm8786 mm
TTGMS 24.66560 m³4592 t24000 mm15278 mm10533 mm
TTGMS 24.77560 m³5292 t24000 mm17025 mm12280 mm
TTGMS 24.88560 m³5992 t24000 mm18772 mm14027 mm
TTGMS 24.99560 m³6692 t24000 mm20519 mm15774 mm
TTGMS 24.1010560 m³7392 t24000 mm22266 mm17521 mm
TTGMS 24.1111560 m³8092 t24000 mm24013 mm19268 mm
TTGMS 24.1212560 m³8792 t24000 mm25760 mm210125 mm

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