Anode tanks

Tunetanken anode tanks are often used on offshore platforms. The anode tanks are construction to resist pressure.

The anode tanks are manufactured in fiber-reinforced composite – a unique material that is also used for manufacturing of heavily strained products such as wind turbines, ships, aircrafts, bridges, etc.

The composite material is corrosion- and weather resistant, which means that the tanks can endure harsh environments with saline and tough weather conditions.

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  • Size/geometry according to need.
  • Insulating construction that minimises condensation.
  • Corrosion resistance which secures a long life cycle.
  • Fully moulded construction which secures a sealed tank.
  • No internal joints where media can accumulate.
  • Smooth surfaces which eases the cleaning.
  • Easy mounting which allows the tank to be moved.
  • Large standard programme with many sizes.
  • Complete storage solution for optimal logistics and operation.

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