Tunetanken chimneys are manufactured in fiber-reinforced composite material and are custom-designed for each project, making them suitable for a range of industries and purposes. Size and design can be customised to fit with your operation conditions and requirements. At Tunetanken we take care of the entire process – from delivery to mounting of your new glass fiber chimney.

Both chimney and -core are customised in regard to specific flue gas data and operation conditions for compliance of regulations.  Composite material makes Tunetanken chimneys resistant to aggressive flue gasses, high temperatures, and climatic influences, and gives a long life-cycle. Composite material is lighter than other alternatives making mounting of chimneys easy.

Due to almost half a century of experience in production and installation of industrial systems, composite materials, and high quality demands, you will receive a Danish produced chimney that secures your investment today and in the future.

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  • Custom-made constructions.
  • Adjustable to flue gas data or air variants.
  • Project management from beginning to end.
  • Removal of toxic and corrosive compounds from industrial exhaust flows and, thereby, accommodating to the environment.
  • Construction in regard to flue gas data/air variant securing correct emission.
  • Fully moulded chimney elements in fiber-reinforced composite material.
  • Resistant toward aggressive environments.
  • Corrosion resistance securing long life-cycle.
  • Material suitable to meet special requirements for size.
  • Light-weight material for mounting easy.
  • Temperature: +/- 100º/200ºC operation (depending on the material).
  • Chemical resistance adjustable to flue gas data.
  • Standard color: clear or grey-white (RAL 9002).
  • Can be used for heat recovery from warm gas or flue gas condensation.
  • Special constructions with plastic liner where especially high temperatures or extremely aggressive environments can be present.
  • Customisable color according to RAL color card.
  • In- and outlets: Adjustable to existing plants and flue gas data.
  • Manhole: Adjustable to size requirements and need for inspection.
  • Walkway and ladder: Adjustable according to need.

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