Scrubber facilities

Tunetanken Scrubber Facilities are developed to secure the most effective solution for cleaning of contaminated and malodorous emissions and flue gasses from industry, livestock production, waste combustion, biogas plants, etc. The Scrubber Facility from Tunetanken has a long and functional life-cycle as they are produced in fiber-reinforced composite material, which is a robust and durable material suitable for contact with high temperatures and aggressive environments.

Our high-tech Scrubber Facilities are constructed to your specific data about contaminated emission or air for compliance to rules and regulations about cleaning. We can also compose the right variant and amount of chemicals in cleaning fluid to optimise efficiency and costs. We can customise size, angles, and bends to fit your existing plant. Tunetanken Scrubber Facilities are adjustable to heat recovery.

Due to almost 50 years of experience in the field, we develop our Scrubbers to secure effective and correct cleaning as well as Scrubbers with long life-cycle – to make your investment as valuable as possible.

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  • Customisable constructions.
  • Adjustable to flue gas data.
  • Project management from beginning to end.
  • Clear or grey-white (RAL 9002) top coating.
  • Removal of toxic and malodorous compounds from exhaust flows and is, thereby, accommadating to the environment.
  • Construction in regard to flue gas data/air variant for correct cleaning.
  • Fully moulded solution in fiber-reinforced composite material resistant to aggressive environments.
  • Corrosion resistance securing long life-cycle.
  • Material suitable to meet special requirements for size.
  • Simple and easy mounting providing movable scrubber.
  • Temperature: +/- 100ºC at operation and 200ºC at inlet (depending on material).
  • Chemical resistance adjustable to cleaning variant.
  • Standard color: Clear or grey-white (RAL 9002).
  • Can be used for heat recovery at flue gas condensation.
  • Effective quality control.
  • Cone bottom for full discharge.
  • Standing on wrap for extra protection of mount.
  • Extra equipment such as demister, carrying support, and distributing plates.
  • Special construction with plastic liner, where extremely high temperatures or aggressive environment can occur.
  • Customisable color according to RAL color card.
  • In- and outlets: Adjustable to existing plants and need for cleaning m3/hour.
  • Manholes: DN500 with hinged cover.
  • Lifting lugs adjustable to loaction and operation.
  • Nozzle lance for supply of cleaning fluid.


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