Circular Basins

Tunetanken Circular Basins are designed for storage of a range of media and products or for integration in process facilities. Circular Basins have smooth, cleaning-friendly and hygienic surfaces, that can endure high chemical or temperature influences.

Circular Basins are constructed as efficient modular systems for mounting on location. The separate parts of the basins can be bolted together and grouted or laminated together for a fully moulded, hermetically sealed basin with optimal strength.

Concrete bottoms are casted when the basins have been assembled.

Our Circular Basins are produced in glass fiber-reinforced polyester. A material that is corrosion-free, chemical resistant, low weight, maintenance free, have a long life cycle and is approved in accordance with the Danish Food Approval Act, etc.

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  • Smooth, cleaning-friendly and hygienic surfaces.
  • Endure high temperature influences.
  • Approved in accordance with the Danish Food Approval Act.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Long life cycle and low weight.
  • Sizes: Diameters from 8,0 to 30,0 m.
  • Volume up to 3000 m3.
  • Circular Basins can be delivered as an isolated sandwich-structure with pipe attachments, ladders, walkways, etc.
  • Can be delivered in sizes that fit your requirements.

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