Circular Reflecting Pools – Domed bottom

Tunetanken Circular Reflecting Pools with Domed Bottom create unique and beautiful reflection effects and have a calm and natural look.

All Tunetanken Reflecting Pools are produced fully moulded in fiber-reinforced composite material, which secures high adaptability and robustness that prevent sharp rocks and other objects in breaking through the pools.

Circular Reflecting Pools with Domed Bottom can be used in both outdoor and indoor installations. It is possible to purchase consoles for the pools separately.

Tunetanken Circular Reflecting Pools with Domed Bottom come with diameters from 600 mm to 4500 mm. Circular Reflecting Pools with Domed Bottom can also be customised to meet your requirements.

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  • Large program of different types of pools.
  • Can be delivered in your desired measurements.
  • Manufactured in fiber-reinforced composite material.
  • Fully cast and strong construction that withstands high loads.
  • Resistant to frost and sharp stones pressing against the pool.
  • Good in harsh weather conditions.
  • Smooth surfaces which is easy to clean.
  • Low weight makes it easy to handle.
  • The edge of the pool is ideal for planting.
  • Natural look.
  • Fully cast.


2,7 litres300 mm80 mmComposite
6,4 litres400 mm80 mmComposite
12,5 litres500 mm100 mmComposite
21,6 litres600 mm120 mmComposite
34,5 litres700 mm140 mmComposite
51 litres800 mm160 mmComposite
73 litres900 mm180 mmComposite
100 litres1000 mm200 mmComposite
134 litres1100 mm220 mmComposite
174 litres1200 mm240 mmComposite
220 litres1300 mm260 mmComposite
275 litres1400 mm280 mmComposite
337 liters1500 mm300 mmComposite
410 litres1600 mm320 mmComposite
490 litres1700 mm340 mmComposite
580 litres1800 mm360 mmComposite
685 litres1900 mm380 mmComposite
800 litres2000 mm400 mmComposite
925 litres2100 mm420 mmComposite
1065 litres2200 mm440 mmComposite
1215 litres2300 mm460 mmComposite
1380 litres2400 mm480 mmComposite
1560 litres2500 mm500 mmComposite
1760 litres2600 mm520 mmComposite
1970 litres2700 mm540 mmComposite
2200 litres2800 mm560 mmComposite
2440 litres2900 mm580 mmComposite
2700 litres3000 mm600 mmComposite
2980 litres3100 mm620 mmComposite
3280 litres3200 mm640 mmComposite
3600 litres3300 mm660 mmComposite
3930 litres3400 mm680 mmComposite
4300 litres3500 mm700 mmComposite
4680 litres3600 mm720 mmComposite
5070 litres3700 mm740 mmComposite
5500 litres3800 mm760 mmComposite
5940 litres3900 mm780 mmComposite
6400 litres4000 mm800 mmComposite
6900 litres4100 mm820 mmComposite
7400 litres4200 mm840 mmComposite
8000 litres4300 mm860 mmComposite
8600 litres4400 mm880 mmComposite
9200 litres4500 mm900 mmComposite
9720 litres4600 mm920 mmComposite
10400 litres4700 mm940 mmComposite
11040 litres4800 mm960 mmComposite
11760 litres4900 mm980 mmComposite
12480 litres5000 mm1000 mmComposite
13280 litres5100 mm1020 mmComposite
14080 litres5200 mm1040 mmComposite
14880 litres5300 mm1060 mmComposite
15760 litres5400 mm1080 mmComposite
16640 litres5500 mm1100 mmComposite
17600 litres5600 mm1120 mmComposite
18560 litres5700 mm1140 mmComposite
19520 litres5800 mm1160 mmComposite
20560 litres5900 mm1180 mmComposite
21600 litres6000 mm1200 mmComposite
22720 litres6100 mm1220 mmComposite
23840 litres6200 mm1240 mmComposite
25040 litres6300 mm1260 mmComposite
26240 litres6400 mm1280 mmComposite
27520 litres6500 mm1300 mmComposite

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