Rectangular Reflecting Pools

Tunetanken Rectangular Reflecting Pools create unique and beautiful mirror effects and have a calm and natural look. The edge of the mirror basins is ideal for planting, which highlights and completes the natural look.

All Tunetanken Reflecting Pools are produced fully moulded in fiber-reinforced composite material, which secures high adaptability and robustness that prevents sharp rocks and other objects in breaking through the pools.

Rectangular Reflecting Pools can be used in both outdoor and indoor installations.

Tunetanken Rectangular Reflecting Pools come in sizes from L1000 mm x W100 mm x H400mm to L4500 mm x W8500 mm x H400 mm.

Rectangular Reflecting Pools can also be customised to meet your requirements.

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  • Large program of different types of pools.
  • Can be delivered in your desired measurements.
  • Manufactured in fiber-reinforced composite material.
  • Fully cast and strong construction that withstands high loads.
  • Resistant to frost and sharp stones pressing against the pool.
  • Good in harsh weather conditions.
  • Smooth surfaces which is easy to clean.
  • Low weight makes it easy to handle.
  • The edge of the pool is ideal for planting.
  • Natural look.
  • Fully cast.


60 liters1000 mm800 mm100 mm
100 liters1400 mm1000 mm100 mmComposite
110 liters1400 mm1000 mm200 mmComposite
120 liters1000 mm800 mm200 mmComposite
130 liters1600 mm1000 mm100 mmComposite
140 liters2000 mm1200 mm100 mmComposite
190 liters1600 mm1000 mm200 mmComposite
200 liters1400 mm1000 mm100 mmComposite
210 liters2000 mm1200 mm100 mmComposite
230 liters1400 mm1000 mm200 mmComposite
270 liters1000 mm1200 mm300 mmComposite
300 liters1800 mm1200 mm200 mmComposite
380 liters1800 mm1200 mm100 mmComposite
420 liters2000 mm1200 mm200 mmComposite

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