Coalescence separators

Tunetanken coalescence separators are used to separate oil, petrol, and solid particles from waste water. Coalescence separators are usually established at service stations, mechanics, oil wells, and carwashes.

The Coalescence Separators are manufactured in fiber-reinforced composite material that is up to 20 times stronger than plastics such as PVC, PE and PP. The unique properties of the materials provides the neutralisers with benefits such as great strength, chemical resistance, good hygiene, long life-cycle and minimal maintenance.

Our coalescence separators come with coalescence filter modules and filters; however automatic floating gates are not included.

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  • Delivered with assembly, operation and maintenance instructions.
  • Large programme that fits all requirements and needs.
  • Fully moulded construction in fiber-reinforced composite material.
  • Fast and easy installation.
  • Corrosion and chemical resistance.
  • Great strength and durability.
  • High level of hygiene and minimal maintenance.
  • Long life-cycle.
  • CE-approved.
  • Designed according to DS / EN 858-1.
  • Can be delivered in special measurements based on requirements.
  • Can be reinforced against traffic loads.
  • Can be reinforced against groundwater pressure.
  • Drain alarm.
  • Sand filter.
  • Automatic float shutter.
  • Sampling well.
  • Odorproof cover.
  • Integrated sludge trap.
  • Integrated pump sump.
  • Sludge trap well.


CapacityDiameterTypesHeightPipe attachmentMaterial
1 l/sek.750 mmSP-KU 11800 mmØ110 mmComposite
3 l/sek.900 mmSP-KU 32100 mmØ110 mmComposite
6 l/sek.1250 mmSP-KU 62100 mmØ110 mmComposite
8 l/sek.1400 mmSP-KU 82100 mmØ160 mmComposite
10 l/sek.1600 mmSP-KU 102200 mmØ160 mmComposite
12 l/sek.1800 mmSP-KU 122200 mmØ200 mmComposite
15 l/sek.2000 mmSP-KU 152200 mmØ200 mmComposite
20 l/sek.2300 mmSP-KU 202200 mmØ200 mmComposite
24 l/sek.2500 mmSP-KU 242600 mmØ250 mmComposite
30 l/sek.2800 mmSP-KU 302600 mmØ250 mmComposite
35 l/sek.3000 mmSP-KU 352800 mmØ250 mmComposite
48 l/sek.3500 mmSP-KU 482800 mmØ300 mmComposite
62 l/sek.4000 mmSP-KU 623000 mmØ300 mmComposite
79 l/sek.4500 mmSP-KU 793000 mmØ300 mmComposite
100 l/sek.2300 mmSP-KU 100L 5600 mmØ300 mmComposite

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